Our Company

Our history has shaped who we are

Pipelines, Inc. was formed in the mid 1980’s by Maura Russell, a pioneer in a strictly male industry. In 1993, Chris Ernst and Maura Russell restarted the company, which had closed briefly, and in 1999, Chris became the sole owner. Our company began with a secret ingredient: the women who worked here chose this profession and did their work under great scrutiny and a large measure of scorn. At a time when society was turning its back on skilled labor, they made it their own, honoring their craft and defending their right to ply it. Pipelines has continued with the same spirit: operate with integrity, be educated in what you do, treat people with respect and take pride in a day’s work because, in truth, the world rests on the shoulders of people who work with their hands.

These are the principles that shape Pipelines, Inc., and have made it a truly unique plumbing and heating company. At Pipelines, you’ll find plumbers who believe that the work they do is important. They are educated, involved, and treated well by the company; they are the professional plumbers you want in your home.