Boiler Replacement

A heart transplant for your home
First, we think of a boiler replacement as a heart transplant for the house, and just like a transplant patient, we don’t walk away from the work saying, “see ya, hope that heart works out”, never to be heard from again.

Ongoing service
Our work doesn’t end when the boiler lights up for the first time. We know a homeowner needs to experience the new system in operation, over real heating conditions, before we can say everything is right. We know we are on call to make any adjustments. Installers who under price have no ability to or intention of returning to the job. Likewise, we install to allow for least disruption and expense during future work or service on the system- isolation valves (and labels) for each zone and for components requiring service, like expansion tanks, circulators and zone valves allow them to be worked on without draining the entire system. If one is not ever intending to service anything, one can eliminate a fair portion of time and material cost from the bid, but that cost is easily recouped at the first need for service. In fact, those who do not intend to service what they install often don’t bother to comply with manufacturer’s instructions at all. Why take the time to go to training or read all that annoying paper clogging up the box? Pssht, we didn’t put time for that in the bid!

Installing peace of mind
Our installations are also designed to take up a minimum of the homeowners’ space, to be orderly and easily grasped (physically and mentally) and supported for stability and to eliminate noise. All these things may take a little extra time; we do them because we are providing a long term product. One’s mechanical systems should inspire confidence and peace of mind. Ours do. We have customers who make the boiler installation part of their house tour for guests. I’d like to show you one of our jobs, if you have the time.

Walking gently on our planet
While recycling is not important to everyone, it has always been to us. We recycle all materials from our work, even the darn styrofoam-that includes cardboard, tagboard, paper, plastic, wood, foam wrap and peanuts, ferrous metal and noble metal. It all gets segregated on the jobsite and sent off to various destinations at the end of the job.

Walking gently in your home
Neatness in the work zone keeps the astounding tide of materials necessary to change the system from a conventional boiler to a condensing boiler in check, it keeps our job sites safer for us, it keeps our customers’ houses pleasant to live in while we work, and after we have left.

All the things I’ve listed above are part of every heating system we install and often not part of a lower priced job.